Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in Hawaii - 2012's Best Kept Secret

I was pretty sure, by now, most people who care to know would know that I am back in Hawaii. After all, it's been nearly 6 months since my return, and while I have not had fanfare triumphantly announcing my presence, I have not sequestered myself away into a hobbit hole and hidden from the world.

Apparently, my lack of official announcement over the digital space still has people baffled when they see me out and about. Even now, I run into friends and acquaintances, who immediately follow their greeting hugs with the question: "Wait... weren't you in Japan? Are you... back?!" A friend, Byron, after having witnessed this exchange a few times, jokingly began calling my return, "2012's Best Kept Secret."

So, to clear up all the confusion, here is my official announcement. Yes, Hawaii, I am back. For good? Well, for good... for now. Family reasons brought me home to the islands are for now, family reasons will keep me here.

It's been a mixed return, honestly. I do miss a lot about Japan -- although more than anything, I miss a few choice individuals who made my experience there an amazing one.

It has been great seeing the people here that I missed when I was gone... and it's become apparent that my ever-growing belly has been doing its fair share of meet-and-greet with the local fare. I've gained 20 lbs since my return and find myself disgusted by that fact.

Other than consuming ridiculous amounts of food, I also have two jobs and the occasional stint of Grandma-duty. Those of you who have been long-time readers of my blog may remember that there was a year's time where I moved in with my grandmother to aid in her care, since she had become bed-ridden. Well, she's onto year four of that lifestyle and still going strong!

The two jobs? Marketing and translating and marketing and...

I am currently working with Anthology Marketing Group in Hawaii and Oceans Inc. in Japan.

At Anthology Marketing Group, I am a Digital Marketer who specializes in social media and digital marketing strategy.

At Oceans, Inc., I am the Global Branding & Marketing Manager, specifically for a mobile application called Eyeland. [Warning: Shameless Plug] Version 2.0 is supposed to launch today for both the Android and iOS markets, so we've been translating and localizing and redesigning like crazy for the past 6 months, in preparation. Eyeland is a location-based, real-time communication app that I like to describe as my private mix of Twitter, Yelp and Facebook. It lets you zoom-in and zoom-out on anywhere in the world and listen to or join the conversations happening in whatever area you select. Heading into Waikiki or ... Shinjuku in an hour? Zoom-in to those areas and see what the people who are actually in that area are talking about. Traffic accidents or sales or cute puppies. I've only used the old version of it (which apparently was uber popular in Japan) and have only test-driven the version I was working on, but I am actually excited for its release. I feel like it has fantastic potential to grow in the US, and maybe the world, if all goes well. So... uh... download it today? [/Shameless Plug] 

Okay, enough of that.

Anyway, I'm back in Hawaii. No more confusion. No more secrets. No more mystery. I'm back and I'm staying for a while, so I'm sure I'll see you all around at some point.