Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Poem: Impulsive

I was cleaning through my emails today and found a poem I wrote a few years ago, buried among the SPAM and miscellaneous unread emails. I don't really remember what inspired me to write it, but I remember I did so late at night, while walking around Manoa town to get my head straight and typing it on my Blackberry Storm. Very much after the fact, I am calling this poem, Impulsive.

It was written in December 2009.

Walking down a path, I come to a fork
And never stop to ponder why I turn left instead of right
I handle the trek, rough or smooth,
Obstacles or not, with little foresight
And when I find myself overwhelmed
At impasse or wide ravine
I focus on my journey
What I've done and what I've  seen
And realize I've done and seen almost nothing
And comprehended even less
And floored I am to understand that rarely have I tried "my best"
I think about the paths I've crossed and those I've met along the way
And can't understand how they saw my path as destination-bound. My path's astray
I'm wandering forward, no goals, no dreams, no destination planned
Quick, emotional decisions rule me
To my detriment, as I am stranded
Prisoner of my unreasoned turn and lack of plotting my next step
Shit, I'm not moving forward
Just because I change the surroundings doesn't mean there's movement yet
I look around and scream for help and find no answers in this place
Instead I find a mirror, reflecting my pathetic, tear-streaked face


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