Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tag, I'm it

I have an audience at work. Co-workers, or at least, work-friends who read my blog. That's dangerous, because it limits what nasty things I can say about them. It's also dangerous because that means I can't hide who I am. The "non-professional me," if you will. They know everything that I was, or am, willing to say on this semi-not-so-anonymous forum. Who knows what that means in terms of acceptance? o_O

It's scary, really, since I actually don't know who of my fellow Advertiser employees read this. I know that more people than have come forward do and that they've even brought up concerns about my personal character with some other co-workers. Apparently, some of what I write or say or do upsets the conservatives. I guess I already knew that.

Although, obviously the fact that SOME of my audience continues to talk to me proves that they've accepted the me of my ramblings. I hope that the rest of them follow suit. If not, oh well. Heh. =)

But the main reason why having a work audience is dangerous is because they do things like VIRTUAL TAG ME DURING WORK. *waves @ rod* This means I must do the responsible thing and play the game while the "game" (i.e. work) is in session. Of course, it's easy enough for Rod to do because he has his own cubby where even if the higher ups walk past, the computer screen is facing AWAY from them should they decide to stick their heads in for a hello. In my case, in my half-cubby, my back (and thus my computer screen) faces a very much used walk-way and those coming in through the door can get a great view if they happen to glance over.

And thus, I must be ninja when I play tag... *poof*

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. For many years, I thought I was a boy. Because of the unique quality of my name, my parents didn't know how to romanize it. So, to accommodate the Thai L vs R thing, they decided to put both letters in the spelling of my name. Moncharlee. Charlee for short. And being that I looked like a little Japanese boy, my sister went around introducing me as her little brother, Charlee. Then, when I was 3 or 4, at Mother Rice Pre-school, I was enlightened. There, the boys and girls shared the same bathroom. On a trip to said bathroom with then friend, Ross Nakagawara, I noticed a veeery interesting difference in our equipment and in the way we relieved ourselves. I pointed and asked, "What's that?" He said, "My peepee. Boys have it." It was then I realized that I was female. I just thought it was normal for boys to wear dresses like the one I was wearing that day...

2. I have a hugely bad temper. I blame my Thai heritage. You know what they say, Thai women's temperaments are like their food. Hot and spicy! And I do have an insanely quick temper and if in the right situation, I also have a very quick physical response to it. A great example was in college. My roomy at the time, Laura, can attest. I was angry after a phone call with an unnamed family member. So I picked up a butter knife, threw it across the room, and it embedded itself into the CONCRETE WALL. Laura ran over to pull it out, probably mostly so I wouldn't direct the next throw at her. She couldn't. And mind you, she's 5'11" and was on the crew team with muscles as big as my head! (Well, maybe not that big.) ... but over the years, I've tried to curb that violent, angry streak... if anything, I release at home, behind closed doors, where no one can see.

*blink* Ok, I sound crazy. I'm really not. I promise.

3. When I listen to music, I know it's a good song when I can relate it to the elements. You know, Earth, Wind, and Fire, etc. Not the band, the elements. I can picture the scenery that best matches the feeling of the song, to me... Can picture how it would look in a video sequence and can sometimes even associate smells and such with it.

4. I like feeling other people's woogies. Woogies are the soft, triceps area of the arm that wiggles when you wave. The sound effect, in my head, that comes with that wiggling is "woogie, woogie, woogie." I find the gentle squeezing of woogies to be somewhat therapeutic. Try it sometime.

5. I don't like to kill things because I feel bad. And by things, I mean cockroaches, ants, etc. I believe in karma and in killing these animals, it reflects badly on me. That doesn't mean that I *don't* kill them. I just feel really bad and when I do kill them, I apologize before, during and after for taking their lives. The only animal I feel less bad killing is the mosquito. Those are evil. Really.

6. When I'm really cold at home, I like to make myself a burrito. Not one to eat, though. One to wear. I'll roll myself into a blanket or two so that my arms are trapped and just my head and feet are sticking out. And if I have to go somewhere, I hop there. I think it's a little like swaddling babies. It's comforting and warm. Except that I have mobility (sort of) and the babies don't.

7. I *hate* the game of tag. As an uber-plump child, I wasn't one for running. Try as I may, I could never catch anyone I chased. And thus, once I was tagged... "It," if you will, that basically meant game over. That doesn't mean that I didn't try. And it was in my trying that most mean-hearted kids got the most enjoyment. I mean, how funny is it to constantly be juuuust out of reach of the fat-kid! So, in the spirit of tag-hating, I shall not do what this game demands. I will *not* tag 7 people and force them to answer. =) Or, let's change that... my issue with tag when I was little was that I was singled out. So instead, I will do a general tag. I will tag EVERYBODY and not just the 7 people who will be forced to respond. So... if you're reading this...

TAG! You're IT!

... and it's not my fault. Tis Rod's... <3


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Living on Borrowed...


Winter has arrived in Hawaii, marked by torrential rains, big waves, flash flood warnings, and more importantly...

by Internet outages (caused by torrential rains...)

My Roadrunner connection has now been officially out for 6 hours. Despite the fact that my digital cable is alive and well... despite the fact that there are at least 5 live connections in the area (because I can see their wireless networks), *MY* beloved Internet connection is down.

And that has forced me to do the unthinkable. Piggy back off of someone else's wireless. The connection is weak. I can't even watch YouTube videos.

But I can blog. And chat.

And that keeps me sane.

Of course, I should really be doing more productive things instead of stealing other people's life blood, I mean, Internet connection.

I should really be... cleaning. Or something. But that would be the responsible thing to do.

I called Oceanic to check on timing. They've apparently already fixed the majority of the island's Internet. It's really just mine that's left. But of course, that's according to a recording that was up-to-date about an hour ago. No live people to talk to, so they could be lying, and I would never know because I can't press anyone for information.

I guess I'll just have to continue to be a virtual vampire until further notice.