Thursday, September 13, 2007

Departures - Parts I & II

Part I

Last night, I silently watched Yoshi put on his military uniform. I've seen him leave several times already. And with the exception of the first time, that brought me to tears, it's gotten easier and easier to watch him leave because his departure to Kuwait seems less and less real as he kept coming home to my doorstep.

This time was real.

We drove our way to Schofield to drop him off by midnight. Mid-way there, our gas light came on, as in our rush we'd forgotten to refill the gas tank, adding to the anxiety already thick in the air. We talked about silly things -- and complained about people and their goats and stuff that doesn't really matter in real life.

We arrived at Area X exactly on time. On time, in military time, is actually late... but it seemed everyone was running late. I guess everyone knew they were really leaving this time and were trying to prolong the inevitable.

He unloaded his stuff and prepped it for his departure. And I made mine, not wanting to get in the way. I hugged him tight, kissed him and told him to stay safe and do his best (頑張って、気を付けてね.) I told myself I wouldn't cry as I walked away back to the car. And I didn't, nor did I need to because it started to rain... like the world was crying because the human race is so stupid... sending people off to fight a pointless war.

And now he's gone. Here's to hoping he comes back soon, unscathed physically, emotionally, mentally. And here's to the rest of his unit returning in the same way.

Part II

In other news, I was offered a wonderful opportunity to work as the APOC (Assistant Production Office Coordinator) for an upcoming television series. The job would have taken me to San Fernando Valley, CA for 9 months, and would have allowed me to work under a wonderful woman, Michyl-Shannon Quilty (see IMDB for details about what she's done).

I did a lot of searching. Apartment searching. Subleaser searching. Ticket searching. Soul searching.

And today, I told my beloved Michyl that I wouldn't be going. Not because I don't want to take the position. Quite the contrary, I do. But because I don't think I could afford it.

So to all of you who were helping me apartment search, helping me find subleasers or who were simply cheering me on, thanks. I appreciated it and I feel bad that I'm not following through with the move, despite your help. But I think that this is the right choice...

So, long story short (now that you've reached the end of this entry), departures: completed and averted. to find a job I want to do here in Hawaii.


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