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4th of July: A Discussion about Freedom... sort of

Hello all,

Today is Independence Day. A day to celebrate our liberation from England and truly, our establishment as a nation. We are the United States of America.

I am currently engaged in a discussion with a gentleman on MySpace (who shall remain nameless to protect his identity), regarding patriotism and one's stance on the current war. It began because he posted a bulletin that I didn't necessarily agree with. I shared my opinion and stated that is was just that, an opinion. It's gone back and forth a few times now and I thought it'd be interesting for the readers if I shared our exchange. I'm not sure if the exchange is over, yet. Not likely, but here's what we have so far.

I would love to hear from everyone else on this topic. Please post your responses, religious or not. ^_^ No judgments here, as we are all adults and can agree to disagree since the subject of faith is a touchy subject with no "right" answers.

Also, just so everyone knows, Yoshi deployed on June 22 and I've been rather depressed about this. Yoshi being gone and eventually being sent out of the states to war makes this an even more personal subject for me.


His Original Bulletin



My Original Response

Patriotism itself is not violence. But to show one's patriotism in the form of military action is.

What I think people who ARE patriotic and pro-military action do not understand is that one can believe in the soldiers, but not believe in the war. Because one does not support the war, does not make one a coward or a traitor.

Personally, I am anti-war, anti-military action, but I appreciate that I wouldn't be able to have those sentiments without past wars fought or the continued existence of our military. I appreciate the sacrifices made by our soldiers (my bf among them).

Patriotism also has nothing to do with bravery. Those who are patriotic, but do nothing other than wave a flag a few times a year are not brave. They are the same as any other spectator in this crazy world.

Just my humble opinion.


His Reply

I understand what you are trying to say but our freedom would have never come without War. War will aways be in eyes of men no matter what you cant stop it nor can I. But the main reason is because of Sin when God Created Adam and Eve. They both were temepted by the Devil,God told Adam and eve to never eat from the tree of Knowledge but they did. So God cast them out of the garden of Eden. They suffured out into the wilderness and so God gave us up to sin and therefore we are sinners without Christs sacrifice we would never be forgiven or have a chance to enter the kingdom of Heaven. I think people are cowards if they dont stand up and support the soldiers as well as the war anyone who opposes this war is just as wrong as the terrorists.


My Reply

You may have noticed that I did mention that I appreciate that our freedom came from past wars. I am aware of this as much as I am aware that war may be here for quite some time.

Personally, because I don't believe in the Christian theology, I don't agree with your reasoning behind everything, although I respect that fact that it is your belief. To me, war is caused by greed, misunderstandings, and lack of acceptance of those who are 'different' from oneself.

I truly disagree with your statement that "...people are cowards if they dont stand up and support the soldiers as well as the war anyone who opposes this war is just as wrong as the terrorists."

Quite the contrary, supporting the war MAKES us terrorists to the people with whom we fight. Unfortunately, one rarely sees their own country as doing wrong or as committing terroristic acts when we feel it is in our own interest. There is just as much bravery in choosing not to fight as there is in choosing TO fight.

Of course, we can always agree to disagree since matters of faith can be argued forever if one person doesn't share the same faith.

I just thought that perhaps I could share with you that there are those who do cheer for the soldiers, who are grateful for the sacrifices made for the freedom to say that they oppose the war, but who might not believe that the war is the correct course of action. I believe this does not make them cowards or traitors to their country.

Many of these people are proud and grateful to be American -- which makes them patriotic.


And that's where we are right now.


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