Saturday, May 05, 2007

Follow Up: Undeserved Reprimand

This is quite late in the follow up department, but I wanted to let all of you know that there was, indeed, a follow up to the undeserved reprimand of last blog.

When the reprimand occurred, I told my supervisor, who was appalled (although unsurprised). I'm sure she made some movements on my behalf to have the event addressed.

The following day, I needed to get an insurance form signed by the producer with whom I'd had the exchange. The producer sees me at his door and says, "Chi, get your ass in here."

I enter.

The producer says, "The next time I say I'm going to shove a fucking phone through your fucking head, know that I'm fucking joking." I nod, saying, "I know," realizing that this is the closest thing to an apology that I'd be receiving. The person went on to say that they have a "sick sense of humor" that I'd be getting to know well, over the course of the season. Yippy.

The producer then realizes that I'm holding a piece of paper, snatches it from my hands and says, "What the fuck is this?" I reply, "I need your signature on this insurance form." "What for?," they ask. "So that should you die, the company can make money off your dead body," I reply.

The producer blinks in silence.

Heh. And that was the end of that exchange.



Lyndsey said...

xD Nice.

Cari said...

I didn't know you said that to him! ha! love it...