Saturday, October 01, 2005

Random Survey: Firsts & Lasts a la Kahele

So, in order to fill the void and pass the time, I 've taken to doing these stupid surveys. I stole this one from Kahelele.

Firsts and Lasts.


First best friend: Lesli Otake at Mother Rice Pre-school. She went to Manoa Elem. with me, too, but then went to Punahou and USC. She currently lives in CA with her fiancee and works in the aero-space industry.

First Car: Black 2004 Jetta. Name: Kuro-chan. Bought jointly with Yoshi. Will be bought off of me when he gets back from Basic Training next year... then I have to get a new one, dammit.

First kiss: Uhm... 8th grade band party, spin the drumstick (as opposed to spin the bottle - hey, we were band geeks) with Paul Guzman, really buff tuba player. First kiss with someone "significant?" Daniel Kang in 9th grade.

First piercing/tattoo: First piercing was when when I was 3. Got my ears done back when the Kaheka Daiei was called Holiday Mart. My first (and so far, only) tattoo was after graduation in 2000. My then GF, Vanessa, paid for half of the damage.

First big trip: Big trip that I can remember? Maybe Disneyland when I was 6.

First flight: Probably to Thailand when I was 3 or maybe younger?

First time skiing/Snowboarding: Lake Tahoe when I was 5.

First concert: I went to see Whitney Houston with my mommy.

First Alcoholic Drink: I don't know? Probably something one of my parents gave me. My mommy, after all, used to be a bartender.

First ticket violation: Knock on wood. No tickets yet.

First job: I volunteered as a junior leader for Manoa Summer Fun when I was in 7th grade. If you mean first paid job, then maybe TCBY in 1999.

First date: Date is a funny word. I don't know if I've ever been on the as-seen-on-TV kind of dates... but maybe to see the movie "Up Close & Personal" at Kahala Mall with Randy Nguyen in 8th grade.


Last car ride: Taking Kira back home from the vet.

Last kiss: Tuesday morning. But it was one-sided and painful.

Last time you cried: Yesterday.

Last movie watched: Serenity, last night with Ka-chan and her friends. (Nerds, all. Interesting bunch.)

Last food you ate: Ice cream from Cold Stone.

Last love: Yoshi.

Last temptation: Wanting to have meaningless physical connection just to spite him.

Last item bought: Shots for Kira. She has one more set to go.

Last annoyance: Feeling intellectually lacking during a discussion of the apalling creative license taken in the field of technology in all the StarTrek series from The Next Generation on. I kid you not.

Last alcoholic drink: Some kind of grape calpis and vodka dealio at Shokudo with my sister?

Last concert: "Concert." The Makaha Sons' Take a Walk in the Country thing at the Shell, if you call that a concert.

Last phone call: My sister, Marisa.

Last time at the mall: A couple of nights ago, "power shopping" with my sister at Kahala.