Thursday, May 12, 2005


Military. Yoshi joined it. Hawaii Army National Guard. He shaved his head. I hate that. I love him and he's still cute... but I miss his hair. And he'll have that hair for the next 6 years. :( He has training 1 weekend out of every month and 2 weeks a year... PLUS he leaves for BASIC in January 2005 for 2 months and then will consecutively go for 6 - 8 months of specialized computer training. He'll be gone from me for 10 months!

Le sigh.

And I thought I was actually home again!


Isabo said...

ooh, is it shaved or buzzed? I have this hair obsession, sorta like your/our woogies obsession. If I see a buzzed head, I gotta rub it. Makes it really akward in public. I've actually asked strangers before if I could rub their heads :)

Lyndsey said...

Why'd he join? You found a job w. regular pay. Unless it's still not enough, even so... =/

He doesn't play an instrument does he? If so he could audition for the army national guard band as he's already been accepted in the national guard. They're less likely to be sent overseas though of course that's not a guarentee. Sigh.