Thursday, May 12, 2005

Kawaii Kon

A few weeks ago, went to Hawaii's first annual anime convention. Unfortunately, I couldn't go on Day 1, as I was working all day, couldn't make it on Day 2, because I was with family... but I finally decided that it'd be a complete waste not to go on Day 3. Of course, because of the person that I am, I decided that I *had* to go in costume-- and that going in one of my old costumes wouldnt cut it... so I scrounged around and pulled together a bullshit costume for a student from Battle Royale. I developed pictures but haven't had time to scan them as it's been crazy crazy busy at work. The only pic I have is a headshot that I took with my good for nothing webcam. See here:

Anyway, I convinced Kachan that she should come with... and Choochan [] was supposed to meet us there. She ended up coming uber late cuz she and her bf:Arvin decided that, despite their having left Ewa side late, that they were hungry, and stopped off on the way over to Ala Moana Hotel, to eat. Anyway, twas ok. Had some decent costumes... but definitely not enough vendors. And the few vendors that were there... make that ONE vendor that was there, was completely ripping people off. The bastards were trying to make anywhere from 3o0~600% PROFIT! Anyway, that was the Kawaii Kon. Wahoo.

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