Thursday, May 12, 2005


I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated when other people get what I want but I can't seem to get from the person who should be giving it to me. Does that make sense? Like, going out. Why is it that if I want to go out and do something, then that person doesn't want to. But if that person's coworkers or friends ask to do the same thing, then that person is game. Why is it that when it was my suggestion that we start doing something together, and then we buy the equipment to do it, that it only lasts a month or so. And I keep asking to do it. And it never happens. But that if some other person says, "hey, let's go do that", that person takes the equipment WE BOUGHT so that we could do things TOGETHER and goes with another person to do it! And then WHY doesn't that person understand that that HURTS me. Why does that person get irritated with me when I confront that person about it. a;skjfd arjahrelakejhrgl;kajetgl;kjarel;gkjal;ektg jla;kerjgt l;akerj ;lakejl;akejt l;akej l;akej

If I could RAGE, I would, sometimes. But it wouldn't get me anywhere. And in the end... I suck it up, because all I want is to be happy with what I have. I *am* happy. Just, not all the time. Which is normal. I just let the RAGE stay inside. And the only way it escapes is through TEARS. And that's it. Because that's all I can do. Just be happy. And I am. I just wish that sometimes, I could get what I want in this matter. Ya know? I dunno.

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Isabo said...

dude, I was angry at the burglar dude trying to break in, but having friends do stuff like this is even worse. go use the sword. or your hands. have you tried telling them it hurts you? sometimes words can go a long way. they may not realize they're doing it. or they're just asses who are mistreating a goddess (hey, yoshi would agree!)

*huggles* tears are good, they release endorphines which make you feel good. and raging doesn't help...but it doesn't help to hold it in either. Better to scream and yell and beat something up and get it out of your system.

love you