Saturday, April 09, 2005

Work: When it Rains, it Pours

Apologies for the long breaks between posts. I always long into blogger, but somehow get pulled away from the computer by some not-so-pressing issue.

So... the big news is... I got a full-time job! About time, I know. I started this past Monday at PacRim Marketing Group [] as the Integrated Marketing Services Advertising Assistant. Long name, I know. But it seems that I handle incoming/outgoing ad materials for our publications, deal with publisher communication, advertisers' deadlines and that kind of thing. I also have been doing a LOT of Japanese-->English translations which is REALLY difficult for me. And all my correspondence with the publishers are in Japanese. AND I've been doing some ad material editing.

The sad thing with this is that I had to give up my chance to work with J-wave to do it. I was really upset about it. On the one hand, PacRim offers me steady income [although it's not as much income as I'd like], gives me health insurance and dental and gives me set hours-- not to mention the ability to move up on the ladder if an opening... well, opens. But J-wave would have given me fabulous experience, crazy connections, and possibilities at a career in Japan. EXCEPT that it was a part-time gig, with no health insurance and at the point of hire, DIDN'T KNOW how much they were going to pay me. I did the math, and with the number of hours they were offering, even if they had paid me $20/hour, I would have still barely made $1000/mo. Unfortunately, with all the bills Yoshi and I have, that wouldn't have cut it.

And randomly, I got a phone call yesterday from Dr. Michael Pascuale, who apparently is a plastic surgeon here in Hawaii. He said he saw my resume on [which is odd, since I took my resume down a few days ago] and said that he's interested in meeting with me to offer me a job. I told him I already had one... but he said to meet with him anyway and hear him out. He's apparently going to be part of a few new makeover shows, or something, and since I listed Extreme Makeover in my work history, he thought I'd be perfect. I was kinda... eh... but I'll be meeting him at Starbucks tomorrow afternoon.

Seriously, all these job offers came all at once and they all overlap each other. I keep thinking to myself, where the hell were all these offers these past THREE MONTHS?? Sigh. Anyway, that's the dealio with me now. Any questions?


Isabo said...

sweet! yay for jobage! I should actually start looking rather than just saying "I should look at jobs" *ahem* congrats, hope you end up enjoying your work

Gemma S. A. =) said...

Hey Mochee!!!! =).
I'm happy you're doing sooo well. =). I need to get my ass on the ball the way you've got it. Congratulations on the new job. =).
much love, Gems =).