Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

If a parent were trying to dictate whom their child loves by saying that a certain race or kind of people is bad, society would tell them they are still in the past and that they are flawed in their views. Society is trying to dictate who an entire community of people should love. Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in this? And all this spawned from a religion that preaches "love thy neighbor."


bigbikkuri said...

heh, you forget - "love thy neighbor UNLESS THEY are different from you, do thing you think are strange, do not worship the Bible, do not worship Jesus, enjoy sex, enjoy fun, enjoy thinking different, and enjoy letting people do what they want as long as no harm comes to themselves (and by harm we mean physical pain or irreversible trauma - and guess what, seeing two men kissing isn't gonna kill you especially when two WOMEN kissing gets your miniwang in a full frontal salute!)"

But yeah, the world is a wonderful place otherwise. (Except for everywhere between China and Saudia Arabia - but that is another comment) ;)


Isabo said...

yea, the world is too full of hate. damn their eyes! it's sad...can't we all just get along? seriously...

*hugs* love you :)

Lyndsey said...

"Love thy neighbor...but NO SEX or else thine soul shall burn in hell eternal MWAHAHAHA!!!"

That's what the rest of it says... kind of like that second part of the second amendment that nobody knows about. Right to bear arms, but only in defensive of your country. Ironic really. =\