Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More Poetry

Two more poems added to the Expressions section of my page.

I called PacRim, today, to follow up on my interview from two weeks ago. The manager told me to call back today-- I did-- and he informed me that they have three more people to interview and to call back on Monday. Does it seem like they're giving me the runaround? Lol. Anyway, wish me luck with that and with the J-wave meeting tomorrow [oooh, today?]

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Robbie said...

so how did j-wave go?? let me in on all the juicy details. just kinda wish u took a spot with kssk or that receptionist job...then could see you at work more often! well, talk to u soon, if u wanna link me, just click on the link below:

Link ME!

Take care,