Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More Poetry

Two more poems added to the Expressions section of my page.

I called PacRim, today, to follow up on my interview from two weeks ago. The manager told me to call back today-- I did-- and he informed me that they have three more people to interview and to call back on Monday. Does it seem like they're giving me the runaround? Lol. Anyway, wish me luck with that and with the J-wave meeting tomorrow [oooh, today?]

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Pointless Ramblings

I posted a poem in the [expressions] part of my page. It's old-- don't know how old-- and it's not one of my best poems, but hey. *shrugs*

SO, it seems we're moving into our place a wee bit backward. We started off with necessities. Ya know, BED. Then my sister, because she's in the process of moving into my grandmother's house as part of the "I'm going to tear down my Manoa house and build a MANSION" endeavour, was sweet enough to hook us up with a couch. We already had a coffee table. And we bought a thing to put our tv on and a small desk for my computer.... CONCURRENTLY, my daddy is moving out of his place, into my grandmother's place, so he's also trying to get rid of furniture. We take a table off him-- it became Yoshi's "desk"... but the real kicker: yesterday, he gives us a dresser [yay, I can finally take my clothes out of their former trash-bag homes] and a CARPET! YAAAAAY, carpet! But problem: all the furniture is already IN the living room. Meaning: most move allllll furniture OUT of living room, lay down carpet, and then move it all back IN! -_-;; *is lazy*

In other news, the job search seems never ending. For those of you familiar with Japanese radio, New York based J-wave is opening a Waikiki-based studio and plans to broadcast a new, "Hawaii brand" of J-wave. [http://www.j-wave.co.jp] I am meeting with the CEO of J-wave, Nishikawa-san, on Tuesday afternoon. They have an Assistant Director's position available and they want to give it to a Hawaii local. My issue? Can I speak Japanese well enough to handle the AD position? I suppose we shall see.

And just for fun, some pictures.

A picture of Yoshikazu and me. Taken @ Nova, right before he left for Arizona. He's currently in Phoenix, studying Harley Davidson Mechanics at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.

And me in a Shiisaa beanie that Mina gave me a loooong time ago for Omiyage. Shiisaa are Okinawan mythical beasts that are like, lion/dragon? They bring good luck.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Job Search

The Monchalee job search is currently going no where. I've had many an interview, and always get close but no prize. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon at a company called PacRim Marketing Group-- amongst other things, they do advertising and media dealing with Japan. I'm hoping to get some kind of entry level advertising assistant position... in my head, if it's full-time with benefits, and it pays more than... say $2000/mo... I'm ok [although, more than $2000/mo would be fabulous considering that they always say never to take a pay cut]. With North Shore, I made about $3000/mo and in Nova, I made $2700. Hopefully, this will work out.

The other day, I had an interview for a KSSK radio sales assistant position. I had to interview with two separate people... this really "all business" kind of guy, Scott, and this really awesome lady, Patti. Patti and I hit it off immediately. We laughed a lot and got along famously. As I mentioned before, Scott seemed 'all business.' Anyway, so, they decided to hire this other girl that interned in their department before... but Patti wrote me an email saying that, even though they had hired the other girl, that she had been really impressed with me and my resume and wanted to try and hook me up with her friends at KIKU Television. On the other hand, the company then called me back and said they wanted to interview me for a RECEPTIONIST position... and I'm like, what the heck? So, I go in, and come to find out that Scott from the other day had suggested to Keith, the man who was interviewing me for the receptionist position, that he call me in for that spot. But KEITH didn't think that I should take the job because he thought I was overly qualified and didn 't belong in that kind of position. [Note to self: What does Scott suggesting I be interviewed for the receptionist position mean? Does it mean he likes me and wants me to have a foot in the door so that I'm there if any better openings become available? Or does it mean that he doesn't think I'm qualified for anything OTHER than a receptionist position????]

The way Keith put it was this: "You, Monchalee, have a straight path to being successful laid out in front of you. Ok, so maybe it's not straight, but you will be successful. But on any path, there are detours. Some detours end up being short cuts to where you want to be, while other detours only manage in getting you lost. Now, I can't say for sure what kind of detour this is... but I can guess that this is probably more of a detour than you want to take... and maybe you will get lost."

Needless to say, I didn't take the receptionist position.

So that's the update with me. Though, I must say I'm all worried. Yoshi was saying that if I don't get a job by the end of this month [or April..?] he's going to join the military. O_O WTF, right!? I think he's really worried about our bills... I mean, I am, too... but you don't up and join the military because we're low on cash, do you?!? Talk about PRESSURE. Well, we'll see, I guess.