Sunday, February 13, 2005


So the first week of February, I had a visitor. Well, rather, a friend of mine that I'd made in Japan, Yamada Kazuo-san [I've mentioned him a bunch of times before], came down with his company for a vacation and for his friend's wedding. He stayed at the Hyatt, and luckily, we were able to get together for a day. Yoshi and I took he and a few of his friends to Diamond Head. Yoshi and I hadn't really slept the night before, so we weren't looking forward to climbing that thing. Kazuo-san, despite all reassurances that we wouldn't be doing any hiking, later said that we may as well hike up, since we were already there. It was hot and yucky and we weren't dressed for the occasion, but it was neat.

Afterward, we took the trio to Rainbow's for lunch. For those of you who are not familiar with Rainbow's, it's a local drive-in that primarily serves plate lunches. Famous, ya know... but not one of those places they'd list as a "MUST" in any Hawaii travel guides. I don't know whether they were impressed with the food at all. More than anything, they seemed impressed with the AMOUNT of food that could be purchased for a mere $5. A plate lunch consists of 2 scoops of rice, 1 scoop of macaroni salad, and a large portion of the entree... in this case, boneless chicken with brown gravy. The men were convinced that the portion was actually meant for 2 - 3 people to eat and none of them finished the meal. They also gave me an incredulous look when I told them that *I* could have finished the plate, no problems. Heh. That's Hawaii size for you, I guess.

Once we were finished with fooding, we took them up to Tantalus to look out over the city. We figured it'd be neat to see the city from both sides. Nothing too exciting.

To make things even sillier, that night, for dinner, Kazuo insisted that we go to a 'local' place for dinner. Yoshi and I were at a loss. Heck, the only place we ever go 'out' to eat is Zippy's. Zippy's is a 24 hour restaurant that's famous for spaghetti and chili. Really not that special a place. Just one of those places that everyone goes because it's open late... and he wanted to go there because that's where Yoshi and I would eat! Talk about a random experience in Hawaii. He wanted to experience what 'local' people would do, a day-in-the-life... you know? But oh well, twas neat.

Anyway, here are some pictures related to these events.

<---Kazuo-san @ his home in Nonoichi

<--- Diamond Head as seen from Tantalus

<--Yoshi & Me atop Diamond Head

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