Friday, February 25, 2005


Hello all. A happier post. A shorter post. Yoshi and I are moving into our own place! Granted, we haven't told his familia yet, but who the hell cares. It gives us privacy and quiet and freedom. It's not quite an apartment... it's a cottage. I.e. MINI HOUSE. Bwahahahaha. For those stalkers who read this, the address is as follows:

1423 Lusitana Street #D
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Pictures to be posted once we have furniture.


Anonymous said...

At last!! You know, my computer must not like Blogger, because my connection would freeze up every time I tried to comment on your journal.

Let's see--where to start?

I'm glad to hear that you're home and, hopefully, happier than you were in Japan. I was endlessly worried. Wishing the best for you back in Hawaii!

They banned dining hall announcements at MHC!? WTF!? Are you serious!?

Oh, and don't worry about your weight. You are, and I say this with 110% sincerity, one of the most beautiful people that I have ever met. ^_^

All the best,

Isabo said...

I agree with Casey on the beautiful part! And since I'm the princess, what I say goes, so no arguing! Or else...(and don't make me say or else what)