Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Shimensoka and Getting SCREWED OVER

Hello. First I will talk about getting screwed out of a lot of money since it's fresher in my mind than Shimensoka happiness. So, if you recall, I was having problems selling my furniture. So, finally, having no choice, Shin-san from Shimensoka called a 2nd Hand Shop to assess and take it away. They are going to give me... for, let me calculate, over $400 worth of stuff, a measley $30. Fucking bastards. If they weren't so nice about it, I would've spit in their face for the insult. Especially since one of the things they're buying is something I bought FROM them-- for which I bargained them down to $35 from $45... and for which they are giving me $2. Further, they almost didn't take some of the stuff cuz they said it was "TOO OLD" to be sold. Bull. Seriously... *growls in frustration*... the longer I stay, the more I want OUT OF HERE. SO *screams* ok... *grrr*

Anyway, the other night... today is Wednesday, so ... Monday night, I went out with 2 of the Shimensoka guys. Shin-san and Sanada-kun. Twas fun. I got a present. Went to dinner and bowling, their treat. Well, Shin-san's treat. I think he treats everybody-- cuz he paid for Sanada, too... even when we went bowling. The only thing that I saw Sanada pay for was the 3 bottles of tea that we drank while bowling. Anyway... Shin-san was a bit tipsy after a while and started making vulgar jokes about penises or whatever... which is fine, because that's normal anyway. And Sanada had to defend his manhood just by saying "he doesn't know what he's talking about. He's never seen my penis." Quite odd. Then we went to Leisure Land... one of those all-in-one game center/billiards/bowling places. Shin-san, in his first try, won for me this HUGE pooh-san... and when he gave it to me, he said "I love you dakara." Remember that for later, ok? Anyway, so I think Shin-san was trying the whole night to get Sanada and I to hook up... We went bowling. Each of us won one game. And that was basically it. We played some games downstairs.. the drum one. Although, we all wanted to play Pop n Music. Somebody was on it the whole time. -_-;; They dropped me off... I hugged Sanada goodbye and taught him HOW to hug, cuz he was a poopy hugger. Then left.

Today, when those ppl came over to assess my furniture, Shin-san came over to help negotiate. [Didn't help did it?] Anyway, when he was giving me the "goodbye and ganbare" speech, as I call it... he said at one point in Japanese: 「いつも愛してる。チイちゃん本当に大好きだよ。」or " I love you always.. I really like you." Japanese people don't say stuff like that so I o_O boggleded. Like WHAT? and when he hugged me goodbye... the energy was all funky. He gave me this look... and I quickly *looked down, backed away.* Weird. Quite awkward.

Seriously. Anyway... here are a few pics of Sanada and Shin-san. Sanada is the one on the drum game. 2 pics of him. 1 of Shin-san.

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