Sunday, January 16, 2005

Last Day. Traveling Home.

So, I've finally decided to post for the first time since I've been home. I'm splitting up the posts, even though a bunch of things have happened... just for convenience sake. You may wanna settle in for the long haul, here. These are gonna be a bunch of loooooong posts.

Last Day

The last day of Japan was hell. This part will be a bit hodgepodge. Just what I did... in no particular order, since it was so much a blur. I had so many things to do, and most of it didn't get accomplished. I sent what I could home... Struggling with a 50 lbs. box on my little bicycle wasn't an easy thing, let me tell you. I sold a few things... to people, to the 2nd hand shop, who, in the end, gave me only Y2000, since I didn't sell them my bike. I took my left over food, my vacuum, and my fridge over to Linda's place-- with the help of Boss and Hitomi [we went to dinner after that]. I said goodbye to Yuki-rin. I cleaned. Trashed things. Slept for 2 hours. Tried to pack everything in to my suitcases, only to find that they DIDNT FIT. I spent 2.5 hours at UFJ Bank, trying to close my account. My issue was that YahooBB didn't want to send the bill to me here in America and thus was requesting to have me leave open the bank account. However, the bank wouldn't let me do that since I wouldn't be able to access my money unless I was in Japan. It was really just... an unpleasant situation.

Traveling Home

When Saturday rolled around, I wasn't ready to leave yet. The gas company cut off my heating about an hour early, so the hot water in the shower cut out midway through, and it was ice cold outside. When the taxi guy came, he helped me carry all of my crap downstairs... took me to the post office to send some last minute things. The post office people took SOOOOO long to deal with my 2 measley packages that I was nearly late for my bus. I struggled with my bags in the snow and hail-- dropping my bag about 4 times. Not once did anyone offer any help. People just looked at me... Sigh. I left Boss and Hitomi waiting there, that entire time... along with Koji, whom I 'd met only once before then and who had come to give me a going away gift. I had just enough time to say hi, and bye, and I had to get on the bus to leave. It was a loooong trip to Osaka station... where I then struggled with my bags... only to have one of them BREAK in the process. I was then LOST at Osaka station... couldn't find the bus terminal that went to Kansai Airport. I asked several people, and they gave me conflicting information. Thankfully, 3 wonderful Japanese women in their 20s went out of their way... helping me to drag my heavy bags across Osaka on a quest for the Kansai Airport Limo. I didn't even catch their names-- but they redeemed Japan, if ever so slightly. Then, before I knew it, I was at Kansai Airport. Not much to report about that...

BUT on the airplane was a different story. I was fortunate to get a seat in the Emergency Exit Row... next to a cool guy. He was 20, named Endou Masaki, an Osaka native, and a junior at UH in the Travel Industry Management department thing. Always nice to get stuck next to a normal person on the plane. What was strange was, during the flight, a women from somewhere in the back of the plane fainted twice... and I managed to catch her both times. The first time was actually quite difficult, as when I lunged to grab her, I had forgotten to unbuckle my seatbelt [which I'd only buckled in the first place because Masaki made me]. I managed to catch her, despite her falling away from me, and I placed her gently on the floor... then I kicked Masaki and made him run to get a stewardess. She then came to and went to go throw up in the bathroom. An hour or so later... perhaps a little more than that, the woman came back to wait in line in the bathroom. I was listening to music and noticed that she'd started swaying again. I rushed up to catch her as she fell backward, ripping MY HEADPHONES out of the socket, in the process. Now, I need new headphones. Anyway, after saving the woman from bloodying her head TWICE-- the flight attendants were nice enough to give me a big bottle of sparkling wine as a token of thanks. I gave it to Timmy, my stepdad... since I don't drink all that much and Yoshi doesn't drink at all.

Yoshi met me at the airport, when I got home. He was late... I waited for over an hour... but it was good to finally see him again. Happy.

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