Wednesday, January 05, 2005

さよなら生徒さん [Goodbye students]

Yesterday, I got together with some of my students for a 'final goodbye' get together. We went to a restaurant called "The Diner"... some semi-oldies American themed place. Including me, there were 7 of us: Yuuichi Kubo [i.e. the One-Armed man, who was recently redubbed 9sama for K + Yuu of his name... so yes, Kyuusama/9sama], Kazuchan [who was a student I had in the VERY LAST lesson of my Nova career-- it was my first time teaching him, and when I made the announcement to the class, he freaked out like NOOO... it's my first AND last time with you!!!], Mari Sakurai [who, when I first met her 4 months ago, had a hangover and couldn't answer my questions], Ryuichi Uneda ["Boss"] and Akiko and Chie [the 3 I went to a secret yakitori-ya with a few months ago]... and me.

[left to right] chie, akiko, kazu-chan, boss, mari-chan, 9sama

it was great. we had dinner. we spoke in random japanese/english bits... mostly japanese. 9sama gave me this beautiful hair clip-- his image of me is the girl with the loooong hair-- it's traditionally made with gold paper, silver paper, and copper paper. I o_O boggled. We then went on to Karaoke where everyone progressively got drunker and sillier... and it was fabulous. The whole time we were there, they were passing around a notebook and pen in which they wrote notes and drew pictures and such. There's one page that I have to scan when I get the chance. It's great.... and then.... the last song they chose as a dedication to me was Shimauta by The Boom. Great song... ALMOST CRIED but didn't. Heh. Anyway, thank you for everything you guys. ^_^ Come visit!

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