Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Excerpts from a Rant

So, I've been meaning to post about this, but I'm truly too lazy to rewrite the story yet again... so what I've done is cut and paste from an email that I sent to a good friend, Ben, who is currently teaching English in some backwater place in Korea. Apparently, coporal punishment, though officially illegal in Korea, has not been banished from his Boy's High School. Heh. Anyway.. on to EXCERPTS FROM A RANT...

The weight thing is not an occasional fret... though I think I try to convince myself that it SHOULD be something that is just occasional. I think I got sick of seeing everyone around me [i.e. in Japan] being less than half my size. I'm a big girl for an Asian. Granted, I'm not JUST Asian... but I look it, and despite my "screw the media image of the perfect woman" ideologies, it doesn't mean that it doesn't or hasn't affected me. Heh, that, and it sucks to go shopping and not find anything in your size. I recently set a goal to lose 10~15lbs by the summer. Granted, what did I do yesterday? Eat McDonald's... but... uhm, the GOAL is there. I just have to... eventually... start working toward it. I must say, though, that I'm anti-calorie-counting. I don't believe in it. Eating healthy is one thing... being obsessive about literally every calorie you put into your body is another.

As far as being home... despite the fact that there are too many people in my house and that I'll be getting overly fat from the nummy foods [oooh, Spam], I'm happy I made the decision to come home. It's great to be back with Yoshi... we missed each other a lot and had taken to arguing a bit, when I was in Japan. That's stopped, though, since we can actually see each other. I've seen only a few of my friends... but that's been happy as well. Now, if I could only find a job, things would be fabulous.

Now, on to the evilness... THe other night, I decided against my gut feelings to go out dancing with some old college friends. We left our bags/purses/wallets in her trunk... and returned to find her car window smashed in and the trunk, empty. I lost about $1000 of cash/stuff... [i.e. new cell phone, specially programmed car keys, all my Yen that I had planned to exchange for dollars the next day, etc etc]... And what frustrated me most was that, because I was the oldest 'victim' on the scene, I felt the pressure to keep my cool, even though Elfie and this girl, Jillian, completely lost it. While I felt for Elfie since it was her car that was broken into, I was the only one who had something stolen who didn't cry or scream or anything. Instead, I hugged the other girls [especially my darling Elf, since I love her dearly] and tried my best to comfort them. What made things even more irking is that I, at least monetarily, had lost the most.

Grrrrrrrrrr....Anyway, it seems I've run into a rash of bad luck recently. *sigh* Which... needless to say, has put me into a funk. Dammit.

So... that's it...Hope you're doing better than I am.

Be well.Love,Chibi


Isabo said...

*hugs* love you

I'm fat and toady, does that make you feel any better? Yea, don't do the counting calorie thing. I'm trying to cut out sweets, although I love sugar and stuff. And some carbs. That's part of my problem though, since I'm always fatigued I look for the short bursts of energy (aka carbs), but it's bad for me in the long run. Mayhap you could do the same? I did it for a while, lost 5 lbs and they stayed off, just by cutting out junk food. So if you do that and get a bit of exercise, maybe it'll work? Besides, I like you how you are. you have soft, wonderful woogies. and the tasty spot :)

wish I could have kicked the robbers' asses, open up a can of whoop, haven't used that phrase since highschool!

Love ya

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