Saturday, December 18, 2004

Update to Freezeframe

Hey all. I updated Freezeframe with pictures of random stuff that I thought was funny.

Oh, and Happy 26th Birthday, KAI! [Kai's my cool buddy from North Shore who sings Norwegian-inspired metal and a wicked "Staying Alive" rendition.]

Otherwise, I've been going through a minicrisis of sorts-- trying to decide what to do with my current career life. I'm in Japan, working for Nova. I'm not happy here. I gave up a job at FOX for this crap-- even though I was overworked and underpaid and I felt like I could've been used better there-- I was happier than I am now. It was the whole not being lonely factor, I'm sure.

Like I said about the resumes, I wrote them because a sensei of mine asked me to for one of his acquaintances. I've heard nothing. In the meantime, I've been informally offered a position as a co-DJ for a show on KZOO 1210 am-- the only Japanese radio station left in Hawaii. *Really wants to do it, I think* but I'm afraid of the repercussions of quitting Nova to go home for a job that couldn't even really be my lunch money here in Japan. Further, despite rumors that North Shore is going to be cancelled-- there seems to be some sign that FOX wants to give them a season 2. Harry was wonderful enough to say in his last email that if they get picked up, he'll put me in a position where my skills can be better used. *That's* really encouraging and I want to do that. So... yeah, it's a lot more complicated than that... but I just realized that it's 2 am and I really need to get some sleep so that I wake up in time for work tomorrow. I almost didn't make it today. I'll keep you all updated.

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