Monday, December 06, 2004

Nova Xmas Party Part I

I title it Nova Xmas Party Part I because there will be two parties and this is the first. Last night was the Nova Xmas Party @ Kentos. I think I mentioned Kentos before, but for those of you who don't wanna go find that entry, it's a swank 50's themed bar/club thing with a live band that does 4 stage-shows a night. Last night, for the cool price of 3000 yen [goodness, that's a lot of money] we could have one meal and all we could drink.

Foodwise, I opted for a Loco Moco. Yes, everyone. I said Loco Moco. Japan's been trying to Hawaiify for a while, and they're trying to pass loco mocos off as "real Hawaiian food." Of course, it only really exists in Hawaii-- but it's local grinds, ya know? Needless to say that Japan's version of the loco moco was lacking. THe gravy was completely different and the texture of the patty was a wee bit off. That, and they tried to give the impression of mac salad with this weak potato salad that I think they mixed with small fish eggs-- since it was pink and slightly fishy tasting. Odd. Really odd.

We also had a big Secret Santa deal with the limit being 300 yen. What the hell can you buy for 300 yen? My dood was Sam. A cool Aussie guy. I work with his gf, Jess and she informed me that he dug Naruto so I found a set of suction-cup shuriken with Naruto characters on them. I also got him 2 boxes of chocolate which were more for Jess than for him. The chocolates were special, decent quality chocos... the brand names of which were ASSE and HORN. Ok, mebbe only I think it's funny... but the AKPers who read this blog will feel the 懐かしさ of the ASSE. I spent 400ish yen on all that. I'm a bad girl, I know.

The person who had me was Blaire. Yet another Aussie who's actually leaving for home soon for good. He got me a deck of Pooh cards and this reaaaaally weird statue that has both boobs AND a penis. I don't know what to do with it-- but it's something that makes perfect sense to me as a gift, so.. *shrugs* I'll post a pic of it below.

People got pretty wasted and I was unfortunate enough to encounter flying wang later in the evening. Andrew, a coworker, got pretty gone and after the party at Kentos proceeded to run across the street with his pants and boxers around his ankles... oh, idk, 4 times? Really not what I was hoping to see... but it was harmless. We also headed over to karaoke at Big Echo. It seems it took us nearly an hour to get our asses there, even though it's literally just around the corner. And singing went poorly. By that time, I'd already lost my voice from trying to just talk to people at Kentos so I couldn't even hold a note. *le sigh* That, and people were all mad at each other again re: interupting other people's songs and such. Why does that always happen with the Nova ppl? It never happened with AKP and we went nearly EVERYDAY.

Oh well. Anyway. That was Xmas Party Part I. The night ended with a reaaaaally long, cold walk from down town to my apartment because I didn't have the money to spare for a cab. It was about 25-35 minutes. Poo. The next party is December 23rd. Wow, the months are flying quickly! But... not quickly enough.

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