Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Links and Quotes

First, links of interest.

A Sobering Look at Life

Llama Song

Bunny Song

Now, quotes of various sources and such. First quote comes from a discussion between Ka-chan and myself re: the ikkyuu. [i.e. Japanese proficiency test... top level]

eternal mists: oh no, if kachan can't do it, mochi can't
tr eK ibilia: Piffle, I had to go into a city I swore I would never go to during a blizzard to go take it. ;)
tr eK ibilia: And I came in eye-clawing distance of passing! So see? With no travails, see how well you would do!
eternal mists: but again, recall the mindrape that was the ikkyuu
eternal mists: remember what it did to you
tr eK ibilia:True.. ;)
tr eK ibilia: I still haven't recovered! But soon! Soon!
eternal mists: why would i want to subject myself to that??
tr eK ibilia: Because you're kinky?
tr eK ibilia: Surely masochism is mixed in there somewhere?
tr eK ibilia:It doesn't get any more brutal than that, either!
eternal mists: well yeah, that night with the whips and chains was rather fun...
eternal mists: oh... no no no... you didn't read that
tr eK ibilia: ... I sure didn't! But I may still copy/paste it to influential people and use it to bribe you later in life, when you stand on the cusp of success!

We also had a battle to the death.

eternal mists: piercing your own ear when the piercing machine you just bought is broken really sucks
tr eK ibilia: ... ;)
tr eK ibilia: Can I just say, you are so hardcore?
eternal mists: you can indeed say that
eternal mists: i used to pierce my own ears and whatever else before
eternal mists: but i hadn't done it in a while
eternal mists: and i fucked up so i pulled it out and broke the machine
eternal mists: and ooh the blood b^_^'
tr eK ibilia: Nice rendition there! ;)
tr eK ibilia: Eesh.
eternal mists: thank you
eternal mists: *bows as the crowd goes wild*
tr eK ibilia: ::shudders again::
eternal mists: are you not big on blood?
eternal mists: it's funny, i've never bled from my ears before ^_^
tr eK ibilia: No, small amounts of blood is kind of cool! But I'm sensitive about like.. ear torture and things like that. ;)
tr eK ibilia: I'm very proud of your new experience, though! It's a magical time of year, indeed! ;)
eternal mists: *comes after you with a needle*
tr eK ibilia: ::runs fast and runs far::
eternal mists: *in classic kung fu style ala "lovers/house of flying daggers", throws the needle at you and watches with pleasure as it pierces the fleshiness of thine ear*
tr eK ibilia: ::staggers to a halt, frozen in space and time by the power of your kungfu::
tr eK ibilia: ::as the needle flashes, time begins to move again::slowly crumbles into a heap, a trickle of blood darkening the ground::
eternal mists:*does a victory dance*
eternal mists:this conversation will be posted on my blog i think
tr eK ibilia: Aww. ;)
tr eK ibilia: My weakness will be revealed for all to see, and I'll be plagued by villains for the rest of my days. :
eternal mists: indeed

From a postcard I bought just cuz it semi-explained me.

"She wanted to move around. She wanted to squirm and wriggle and dance. She wanted to purr like a lioness and roar like a sex kitten. She wanted to sing in French and German [actually, insert Asian languages here]. She wanted strong colors. She dressed in avocado. Never ate it though."

A good quote about intelligence. Taken from Neal Stepenson's The Diamond Age or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer.

"In your Primer you have a resource that will make you highly educated, but it will never make you intelligent. That comes from life. Your life up to this point has given you all the experience you need to be intelligent, but you have to think about those experiences. If you don't think about them, you'll be psychologically unwell. If you do think about them, you will become not merely educated but intelligent, and then, a few years down the road, you will probably give me cause to wish I were several decades younger."

A grand insult from the above noted book.

" yourself, mister alienated loner steppenwolf bemused distant meta-izing technocrat rationalist fucking shithead."

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