Thursday, December 09, 2004

Fan Base, Stupid Home Phone and Japanese Resume

Wow... I rarely get any comments on my blog, but it seems everytime I chat with someone, and I mention something, they say, "Yeah, I read it on your blog." Or... they ask me "When's your next update?" I didn't realize that so many people read this thing... or perhaps it's not the number of people who read it... but the number of people who are dedicated to it. *Shrugs* Anyway, thanks for reading. It'd be great to get some emails or comments, but it makes me happy that you read anyway.

Now: home phone. I got BBPhone with my internet. It's not free, but it's fairly cheap. When you sign up, you don't get any paperwork that tells you how it all works, exactly. But I really wanted it so that my dad could set up some kind of special service with his cell phone company that would let him call me for cheap. Apparently, after much hassle... I discovered that my home phone cannot receive international calls. WHat the heck? It can do everything else except receive a phone call from out of Japan. It can CALL Hawaii, so why can't it RECEIVE a call from Hawaii? Stupid idiotic thing. So I called YahooBB and asked them about it and they said that I should have another number, issued by NTT. So I call BBPhone to double check and they said that I'm not connected to NTT at all, and that I don't actually HAVE a real number. Just my BBPhone. *Sigh* SO... unless I wanna pay an assload of money to establish an NTT number, you can't call my house. So, dammit, call my cell and be done with it, I guess. *Sigh*

Japanese resumes are EVIL. Aaron [for those of you who dunno who I'm talking about, he's one of my sensei from Kyoto] has sent me an email saying he has a friend at Yomiuri Television who wants to see my resume. So... I got all excited. At the same time, I got an email from Kanzaki [a DJ in Hawaii for KZOO] that there may be something for me there... MAYBE.. and I'm like *boggle.* But I figure, I'm in Japan, I should at least submit my CV. SO.. Aaron says I need to write 2 versions of my resume. A translated version of my American Resume, which I call AmeResu AND a Japanese formatted version of it. I've already spent 6 hours on my AmeResu and it's BAD, I'm sure. But I'm trying. The Japanese resume is actually quite crazy. THere's a national standard... that includes a picture AND where you went to Elementary school. WHY does the company need to know your elementary school background?? *shakes head* Anyway, I'm spending the next few days doing nothing but my resume. If you wanna help, wish me luck, or dammit, gimme a call. On my cell. SInce my house phone is stupid. Ok.

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