Wednesday, December 01, 2004

At Jamie's request

Hey all. So by the request of Jamie [British dood at work who wears a short tie and who speaks the "Queen's English"... which, as we all know, is not REAL English by any means.. *smiles innocently at Jamie and waves*] I am updating my page.

Nothing much to report. We had a Thanksgiving party a few days after T-day at Kieran/Adam/Erick's house. It was a good turn out and Lili and her roommate, Lauren, did a fab job of cooking up a storm. No turkey considering it's near impossible to get and would be pointless, anyway, because of Japan's convenient lack of true ovens. I was in charge of getting the apple pie. Again, another near impossibility when you're not in a big city or you don't want to pay an arm and a leg. After searching like a crazy woman, I bought a pear tart from Budou no Ki for about 2100 yen. Wasn't apple pie, but DAMN was it nummy.

Also went to Kitokito Sushi with Kazuo-san and to Ninnikuya for Ramona's birthday, recently. Again, nothing much to report.

I must mention, though, that I got reprimanded at work the other day. I went through follow-up training recently and apparently said something things that were overheard that were not ok. I mentioned, during one of my breaks, that the other day, the Japanese staff had given me literally 1 minute to plan a lesson. I had already planned it, really, but a minute before the bell, the staff added another student to my class and being that he'd done nearly every lesson, it made for very high stress. Afterward, I semifreaked out at her, like "dood, that was uncool. I couldn't plan that fast. Please don't do that again." When I say freaked out, it's more like complained a bit considering that my Japanese isn't really good enough to do a big freak out that would be effective. ^_^ Anyway, I also, at training, asked a question re: a thing we have called Voice, which is basically a mix-level teacher-fascilitated convo. I asked, basically, "what do you do with a student who is there everyday and has literally done every activity in our voice resource packet?" I received no answer, although it was a serious question... and it earned me a phone call from the big manager to our branch manager, who then had to give me a talking to of sorts. As you all know, I have a tendency to come across as bitchy and perhaps my serious question was taken in the wrong light. But...

Le sigh. C'est la vie, I guess... although, I must say that it helped to push me away from Nova even more.

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