Sunday, November 14, 2004

Shimensoka Live

Hey all. Went to see Shimensoka's oldies live today at Boz Cafe in Uchinada. I'll post blurry pictures once they're developed. It was alright, actually. The music itself was quite good and Shin-san did a good job with the lyric pronunciation for the most part. He had a hard time with Long Train Runnin', Jailhouse Rock, and Rockin' Around the Clock. The others he pulled off with no real problems.

Nozomi was nice enough to take me and introduced me to her friends, Tama and Ayako.

I am actually worried about my relationship with Shimensoka. I wonder, now that their English live is over, will they still contact me just to hang and what not? Shin said that he'd contact me if there were any other concerts and stuff... and Sanada... [did I type Sonada in the last one? If I did, it's SANADA] seems really cool... but perhaps this was for a limited time only, if you know what I mean. Yousuke's cool too, but he and I haven't really communicated much at all. Shimensoka also has a drummer, to whom I wasn't really introduced, so yeah. Hopefully, they'll remain my friends since I enjoy their company.

I've also been trying to make friends with a girl named Yuki. She's a cutie who works down the street from my apartment... although, on the day we were supposed to hang out, she was conveniently sick. I went to visit her today before getting picked up for the concert, and it was fun... but let's see whether we actually hang out/talk more than just at her work place.

Ah, the quest for friends continues. What Japanese people do I have on my list of friends for sure? And I mean *for sure*??? Kazuo-san. Everyone else, we'll see, I suppose.

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