Thursday, November 11, 2004

Pics and Pho

I've added a few pics to the Freezeframe section of my page. The pics, I warn you, are blurry because they are pics of pics. The originals are actually quite nice. Sorry about that. Anyway...

Yesterday, went with Kazuo-san to eat Pho at Mot-mot. It's a little Vietnamese pho shop that makes its own fresh pho. A friend of ours, Phuc-san, is the pho-making master. And!! The place is nearby, so if I have a craving... I can head on down and enjoy a nice nummy bowl of pho for the low cost of 500 yen!

Also met the owner/editior of a free mag called Kanazawa Jikan. Kazuo-san is still trying to hook me up with as many people as he can that he thinks will eventually give me a chance at something more. So... he introduced me to Takayanagi-san [the owner/editor dood] who, himself, has many connections into the masskomi industry... and also to Takakura-san, who is some kind of PR person, I think, at Ishikawa Television. I also have connections to Miyoko-san who, as I mentioned before, is a manager of sorts at Ishikawa Television. Shinnosuke, the singer for Shimensoka, also may have a connection to FM Ishikawa/Hello 5. Ooooh, the connections are slllllooooooooowwwwlllly being made. Now if only they would GET me somewhere!

Oh, and I had my off probation observation the other day. I did fine and dandy. I don't get my first full off-probe paycheck, though, till mid January... and by that time, I hope to have moved on anyway. Hmmm... I guess we'll see.

Now for a picture. Taken 2 days ago... Just me.

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