Monday, November 22, 2004

Never ends.

So I havent had a break in 10 days. I have to work a total of 12, so 2 more to go. Remind me never to do shift swaps with anyone if it means working for 12 days straight @ Nova. Granted, I was supposed to have scored two 4-day weekends via my 12 days of suffering...I only got 1. Poo. Seriously, I'm going crazy... and teaching kids everyday isn't helping my disposition.

I taught one kid who, no matter what you say to him, his reply is "unchi," meaning POO. So, the routine, you give them a crayon and say "Here you are." They reply "Thank you" and you say "You're welcome." But with him, it's "Here you are".. "UNCHI"... "You're welcome."

Then there's Naoya.. the little shit. He's much like Crayon Shinchan. Smart kid, but likes to pinch his weenie and he pulled down his pants at me today. He's 5. *Le sigh* No kids... noooo moooooooore!

Anyway, went out with Takurou on Saturday night. Went and got Thai food at a new Thai restaurant that opened up called "Bangkok" or something like that. It was decent food but they gave almost NOTHING. That's not Thai. We talked a lot about various things... went for a drive for a long time. He took me to see the ocean. I hadn't been yet... and even though it was fucking cold and night time, it was beautiful. I love the lights reflecting off dark water. And we continued to drive around and talked about where we go after we die and our dreams and how I don't really have any anymore-- and so more important for me, is to help other people's come true. We talked about what we wanted to accomplish most and whether we wanted to be rich and whether I would still have the child if I were to find out during the pregnancy that the child would be handicapped in some way and you know, what most of you have talked with me about before. A difficult task, as you can imagine, all with my level of Japanese.

At the end of the night, he hugged me. Which is a BIG DEAL since Japanese people do NOT hug. It's so natural for me to hug my friends... so I told him that he actually felt like a friend from home... I can talk to him about deep stuff [we also talked about farts and such, so it's like talking to ANYONE from home] and he hugs! Seriously, it was the best time I'd had since coming to Kanazawa.

Went to CJ's [Mexican food bar] last night to celebrate Mai's 25th birthday. Mai is one of the Japanese staff. It was nice. Afterward, we went to karaoke for 3 hours. Some random white people got picked up along the way and Nandor, one of them, I think was trying to flirt with me. He kept poking me and smacking me with his hat... how immature can we be? Granted I fought BACK since I'm not going to let random poking be gotten away with... but I was like dood.

Anyway, to end things, here are 2 quotes from the Engrish bank and a picture of Takurou.

Student: "Do you know fu?"
Me: "Do I know who?"
Student: "Fu. Do you know?"
Me: "Who who?"
Student: "You know, fu. You put in miso soup."
Me: "What? Who do you put in miso soup?"
Student: "Yes."
Me: "What??"
Student: "You put fu in the soup and it go big."
[Ok, it took me a really long time to figure out fu is the name of a Japanese food... the puffy tasteless thing that you put in miso soup that starts off dried and expands when added to the soup. Dammit...]

"I heard your name under the ground."
[Meaning they told me your name in the downstairs office, but I've forgotten.]

And Kuwamura Takurou, Fish Maniac

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