Sunday, November 07, 2004

Jazz-singer and Connections for YOSHI

Last night, I went to dinner and karaoke with Takuro... a 21 year old, professionally trained Jazz singer. An interesting and weird guy, actually. Quite nice. We had a good time.

Apparently, when he was younger, he fell and twisted his neck and was paralyzed for some time. It was quite a struggle, as one can imagine, but he's fine now. Can walk and all just fine. He works at a music store and goes to night college classes to study Economics. But his dream, I think, is to go to Tokyo and pursue his singing. Already, he goes once a month or so, to Tokyo... his first break, other than singing in lounges and such things, is being the voice that sings out of a certain set of PACHINKO machines. I guess when the person is winning... his voice comes out... or something. Really quite interesting.

But!! At the moment, he can't go off to Tokyo... why? Because 2 years ago, his father died... and he has an 11-year-old sister who needs him. *sigh* Harsh, huh?

He is also quite weird though. We spent a lot of time talking about rare fish and rare pets. He used to work at a pet store and is now a self-proclaimed FISH MANIAC! What the hell??

We went to karaoke and I was ssooooo impressed. He kept calling himself an old man... the reason being that he has an "old man's voice" as he called it. Basically, when he sings, he doesn't sound like a 21 year old... his voice is incredibly mature.. and he can do a great impression of Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. Scratchy voice and all.

Well, anyway.... that was the Jazz singer part. Now, connections for YOSHI [I doubt he reads this, though]. Yoshi wants to be a big time music artist in Japan. People might find this to be a bit ridiculous... and I must say, it's a tall order... but TAKURO... rocks. We talked about Yoshi's dream and he said that he knew quite a number of music producers who'd be willing to give Yoshi's stuff a listen if he'd be so kind as to provide them with a demo CD. Ooooh... *sparkly eyes.* Perhaps it's a SIGN!?! Ok, happy. GOnna go make spam musubi for lunch.


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cler1c said...

nice... gl, hf, gg... oh, btw, since you're all into the music industry and what not, my fave JP band right now, Asian Kung-fu generation, is an "Indies" band... So what is "Indies" music? Rock guitar-ish style and what not? Guy's screaming their heads off? (btw, Masafumi Gotou is THE #1 Singing Screamer :)) shoots off to bed...

glad to see things looking up