Saturday, November 06, 2004

Internet. Changes. Visits. Attacks. Racism. Halloween. Friends. Requests.

Internet. Changes. Visits. Attacks. Racism. Halloween. Friends. Requests. Pretty much in that order.

Internet. I got it. About freakin' time!? I signed up for YahooBB, oh, about a month ago. And after much yelling at the YahooBB people, they came yesterday and dropped off a box containing a modem and some papers. I.e. after all that shit, all they had to do was give me the modem and then leave it up to me to install the bloody thing myself! Wtf, mate?! Anyway, I set it up and of course it didn't work... but whatever, it works now. Internet. I have it. Which means updates will be more often and those of you who write to me will actually get responses. Nice. Btw, Japan now has Hikari... internet that runs at 1gig/sec. I don't have that. I can't afford it. But DAMN! Ok. Hyperventilation over.

Changes. At the request of Sir Michael [who has requested to be called Michael-sama, not knowing that I only call Yoshi-sama, sama] I have changed the music. I suppose Modest Mouse was getting a bit old. I've changed it to Garrison Star's Superhero. Yes, it's not Japanese music... but, I don't know, it's something that says something that those of you who read this will actually understand. Slightly altered the contact page... and will be altering it again shortly to make way for the addition of a home line.

Visits. John, that kid I met at orientation, came to visit during the last week of October. Undecided as to whether I want to publish my true opinion of that whole ordeal. Let's just say that some people have Hawaii in them and some don't. It doesn't matter if you're born there or if you have family there... it's whether or not in your heart, you are from Hawaii. And... somehow, his visit taught me that I truly love people who are from Hawaii and are truly local. I think about Aileen, and Stacey [who, despite all her bitchin' about being haole in Hawaii and local on the mainlaind is local, g'dammit!], and Lyndsey, and Janelle all my lovely Hawaii mohos.. there really is a difference in the kind of people that Hawaii breeds. Oh, that sounds odd. Anyway, he came. We went to Kenrokuen and Ninjadera. i.e. park and temple. Ninjadera was quite cool. Buddhist shrine of the Nichiren sect that has all these hidden passageways and staircases... secret tunnels to the castle... even a room for SUICIDE in case there was no other way to escape. Wow... I want a house like that!

Attacks. First day of John's visit [Tues. 26 October 04] we went to the Curry House Coco Ichibanya that's behind Mza [for those of you who know Kanazawa]. Walked in. There's a high school kid, maybe 15, in his uniform, eating alone... as well as some older men further down the row. We take a seat at the counter, 2 seats down from kid. We order. We speak in English. And at one point, I feel the energy change behind me... I turn around and I notice the kid staring at us. I comment "hey, that kid's giving off weird vibes." 5 minutes later, he punches me in the ribs!!! My initial reaction was "I should slam this kid's head into the counter, what the fuck!??!" I count back from 10 while, quite delayed, John gets up and flies the boy across the counter, knocking over a pitcher of water in the process, and yelling in typical American style, "what the fuck are you doing, you little mother fucker?!" and variations of the sort. I pull him back and say to let it go. It's not worth deportation. None of the customers looked up. A staff member runs over to me, asking if I need medical assistance. No. Then they move us down, oh, 4 seats more... let both parties finish eating. As the boy gets up to pay, they ask him in hushed tones why he did it. His answer? Simply, "I don't know." They let him go. We get up to leave. They apoligize and then give us the bill. Dammit, Japan sucks. Needless to say, the boy's true reasons behind the spontaneous attack are unknown, but I suspect it has much to do with John's and my Asian persuasion and the blatent usage of English as our main language.

Racism. Friday, October 29. Drop John off at the station. In the bike lot, trying to fetch my bike so I can head over to that really cool antique store across from Daiei [where I purchased a Buddha and was given a book of calligraphy, later]... and an old, 70 maybe 80 something year old man heads me off in front of my bike and says "you were speaking English earlier, yah?" and then proceeds for 20 minutes to tell me the evils of Americans and the disgrace of international music and how I'm like a DOG because I'm mixed races, just like a dog is mixed breeds and blah blah blah...

Halloween. Went to APRE-- a gaijin bar-- alone. Dressed in my little black punk dress. Danced around. Made a friend with a girl named Shiori. A very unflattering picture of me can be found on the APRE blog, as Elvis, the bartender, was quite taken by my dress-wearing self. Look at the November 4th entry. I was later propositioned by a fairly good looking Brazilian boy named Hector who apparently models in Brazil. I was later followed around by a rather portly Indian guy whose name I didn't catch.

Friends. Still working on this department. Went out recently with a guy named Shinnosuke. A 35 year old lead singer of a Japanese rock/pop cover band called Shimensoka which means "Enemies on all sides." He was cool. We karaoked and dinnered and whatever. Apparently he knows a Kanazawa Gackt AND Hyde lookalike. I still have my 36 year old friend, Kazuo, who is trying to start his own company. And I'm still working on stuff. I've gone to see a movie with this guy, Daimaru, who I must say bothered me a bit. He won't go away. He's old. Like 50 something plus maybe and he just gives me the sheistiest vibes. We saw the movie Lovers, which apparently in AMerica is called House of Flying Daggers. IT's the new martial arts movie starring Zhang Ziyi and Kaneshiro Takeshi. Good movie. And I went bowling and to see Secret Window with a girl name Kaori and her Mexican bf and HIS friends. That was kinda neat. Tomorrow I have plans to go to coffee with a professionally trained Jazz singer boy person named Takurou. I'll let you all know how that goes.

Requests. Mail! Something to cuddle with! Pictures! Love!

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