Thursday, November 25, 2004

Amendment and Plus

Please, allow me to amend information that was posted in a previous blog as I'm too lazy to go back and actually change that one. Well, that, and none of you read backlogs anyway. Re: Takurou... he's never been paralyzed. He *works* with people who have been paralyzed and the like. He works with people with special needs. I've known that since the 2nd time we got together, but I hadn't fixed it... and he read the page and commented... so I figure I should set things straight.

Nothing too special to report. Went to karaoke with my Japanese branch manager on Wednesday night. She's *really* good at hitting high notes.

Further, Takurou's been coming around and we've been talking. He sang for me one of his demo songs last night. He thought of the concept, but a semi-professional lyricist in Osaka wrote the lyrics. It's sort of a dedication to those people who've passed away. Twas quite good.

On a further note, I do believe he has taken a liking to me. Well, not I believe, but I'm sure of it since he actually told me. Again with the "unbelievable" sentiment that a Japanese person would go so far as to admit his feelings like that! And of course, I've been very straight with him-- that I enjoy his company and that he's my friend. Though, I must admit that it is flattering... I asked him why he liked me and the translated answer is: "I like your kindness, your warmth, the way you think and the way you see things. It also makes me happy that you can listen to me and take me seriously. I think you're a suteki person." I apologize for the use of suteki, but it's a difficult word to translate. I told this to Mina [*waves at Mina*] and her reaction was that those are exactly the same things that she likes about me... she just has never fallen *in* love with me. ^_^ And Onion said that there's something about my personality that makes people open up to me completely [he claims that people can sense that I have a connection with things that other people can never hope to see] and anyway, that it's only a short jump from opening oneself up to being in love. I don't know.

Anyway, that's all that's been happening on this end. Today's Thanksgiving in America... Japan doesn't celebrate... but Happy Turkey Day all.. actually, it's a little sad to call it Turkey day, no? Since my guess is that turkeys prolly aren't very happy at all on Thanksgiving. Perhaps Happy Food Day! Sad Turkey Day! Bye all.

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