Wednesday, October 13, 2004


So I'm back. Again, it's been forever since I've posted. Gomenne. Though I'm sure few of you were DYING to know what's been happening in the Chibisaga. Anyway, not much, really. Biggest bit of info... I MOVED!

Tomorrow makes one week of me in my little place. Yes, the shack atop the random building. I call it the Chibi Shack. Yah, yah, everything's chibi with me... But really, it's a SHACK... and it's LITTLE... so chibi shack is appropriate, no? Yvette was kind enough to help me move... I faced quite the dilemma trying to decide the best way to move all my crap... [as in suitcases, kotatsu, fan, toaster, microwave, and much other randomness] to the new place. I called KuronekoYamato to ask about the prices for minimovers and the cheapest I could get was $200... of course, I didn't HAVE $200/20000 Yen. So... I called a taxi. Two taxis, actually. And we loaded all my crap into the two taxis and drove to my new place... and it cost me a grand total of 1440 yen. How nice is that? Though, the down side to that was that Yvette and I then had to carry all of my stuff up FOUR NARROW FLIGHTS OF STAIRS by ourselves! oh the pain and horror.

anyway, that night, theresa came by and we moved even MORE stuff from her place to mine. the next day, the 8th, a friend of hers... who happens to be a STUDENT of MINE [seto kazunobu] appeared at my front door and we carried up her fridge. basically, the only thing that is still in her apartment is the washing machine... which she claims will be handed over on the 22nd of October.

Oh, and two weeks ago... so that would have been like, October 1st or so... I finally caved in. I wrote an ad at the International Lounge... called Rifare, asking for Japanese friends. I must tell you how absolutely pathetic I felt having to put in an AD for FRIENDS. I hadn't cried so much since I'd been here as that evening when I told Yoshi how pathetically lonely I've been. Anyway, I've gotten a slew of responses... though the first of them was a weird Japanese man who asked me for my measurements. I went to dinner/coffee with 2 of the guys who contacted me. The first one was a bit weird, actually... I dunno how I feel about him. Age 27, Konishi Tohru. The other, Hiroyuki, Age 27, was slightly less sketchy. He wants to be a pilot. What I think is interesting is that maybe 4 or 5 of the people who've contacted me have been the age 27. Really quite odd. Anyway, I haven't decided whether any of these people are people who can be my FRIEND friend... but hell, it's human interaction, and that's nice.

Today, after work, I stuck around and chatted in Japanese with a few of the students for an hour or so. Yuuichi, we call him the one armed man... got into a motorcycle accident a while back and has permanently lost the use of his right arm. Apparently, in the accident, the nerve that ran from his arm to his spine was completely severed and cannot be fixed. Kazunobu.. one of my favorite students... 26 years old who is completely enamored with the idea that Yoshi and I met on the internet because it was our destiny [he recently went to a close friend's wedding and is in a romantic mood, i think]... then again, i think it was our destiny too... and anyway, he wants to meet his destiny and has recently decided to look online because of my story... and Miyoko... I just met her today. She's a hip older woman... her daughter is a little older than me... anyway, she works in the strategy management department of Ishikawa Television. She was quite neat... and in the end, she asked my for my contact information in case any apprenticeships open up at the station. I thought that was neat. Anyway, we talked about our dreams and aspirations and our fear of shortcomings. It was really nice to talk to someone about that here... especially the question about whether I've done the right thing by coming here. They were great... telling me that I wouldnt have come if there wasn't a reason... and of course, I already know that. Yoshi's been telling me that, too... but anyway, that's been one of my bigger struggles lately, aside from the lack of friends thing which apparently I feel better about since I've moved into my own place... it's the idea that I made the wrong decision in coming to Japan. That it was just a big mistake... a waste of my time.

But anyway, I've been rambling again... I suppose I'll end by saying I'm a little genkier than I was before. And that's good. But I'm still working on it. Thanks for listening... or reading... or whatever. And hey, here's a pic I took with my phone in my new apartment.