Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yakitori and Needing More-y

Went out to yakitori for dinner tonight. It was a bit of a welcome dinner with my coworkers. Of course, I somehow managed to talk only to the Japanese coworkers... the ones who spoke English were having their own conversation... drinking and smoking and talking about... something?

Apparently, the students of various levels have been praising me highly. That's nice. Of course, it'd be nice if I weren't working for Nova and instead were doing what I actually want to do here. Media. I talked to my Japanese coworkers about it and they think I can do it... I just have to start with small connections and work my way up. Sounds good. I want to settle into my new place first, anyway, before I do anything else.

And what I mean about needing More-y... I mean love... from y'all. A letter or something. Comments. Emails. Phone calls. Those of you who have been trying [hey Michael from Office Depot in Hawaii... I *have* been getting yoru messages/calls... but I've been at work when they came through]... you have no idea how much I appreciate it. Seriously. And still, I'm needy. Anyone willing to send me more love?

Love always, me.

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cler1c said...

omg my last comment got deleted... bleh

anyways, like i said earlier, i was never expecting to really talk to u on the phone figured you would be working and what not around the HST i was calling at/from... Tonikaku, try to see if Asian Kung-Fu generation will be playing in january!!! I like watch ^^ They got a new album coming out soon and their new video is out ^^

genki-sushi desuka? heh...