Thursday, September 09, 2004

Things I forgot to Mention

Things I forgot to mention... and then some.

First, the hotel at which I took all the pictures... the rug was laid... in TILES! Squares of rug were laid side by side to create the floor... weird.

Second, I keep messing up on my cell PHONE number... from America


From Japan, and I know SOME of you want to call me...


My address on my cell phone is

My HOME address is

Monchalee Steiger
Plaza Shinkai Hosai #401
2-16-20 Hosai
Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
920-0862 JAPAN

In Japanese...

日本 920-0862

Anyway,other than that, I've pretty much been utterly lonely. i went out today with my ONE American friend, Kieran [from New York city] to Karaoke and introduced him to the loves of Karaoke and Nomihoudai. Thankfully he paid for it. And now I'm here at 5 am, Japan time, writing this memo to you.

I've been having my training at NOVA for the past 3 days. It finished today and from saturday on, I will be "officially" a Nova instructor. Isn't that scary? Anyway, for the most part it has been ok. I've had a few dud classes... people not willing to participate or giving them more and more information that somehow, they can't understand. Although Teaching can be rewarding... it really, it's not what I
want. Hopefully, I can move to Osaka or make the connections I want so that I may move elsewhere.

If you have any connections or suggestions, let me know. Otherwise, just give me an email or a call or something. I'm really lonely...

To tell you all a minor secret... I didnt know exactly how lonely I was until last night [well, 2 nights ago... ]I've been reading my 4th installment of the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card. It's called CHILDREN OF THE MIND... and basically, the other night... while reading... I managed to bawl my eyes out for HOURS! This is what caused those lonely, self-pitying tears... [truncated]

”Will the kind of love I have for you be enough? To reach out to you when I'm in need, and to try to be here for you when you need me back. ANd to feel such tenderness when I look at you that I want to stand between you and all the world: and yet also to lift you up and carry you above the strong currents of life; and at the same time, I would always be glad to stand always like this, at a distance, watching you, the beauty of you, your energy..."

Maybe some of you will understand this. Maybe some of you won't. I guess the overall message is that I'm lonely. Someone be my friend?


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Lyndsey said...

I <3 You. :)

When my toilet overflowed for the second time my first week in China I had a mini mental breakdown and cried all night. Stupid homesickness.

Hopefully your homesickness will pass soon and you'll make a lot of friends.