Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Moved and Moving. Finding Peace.

Moved yesterday to that new address. The place isn't bad. It's much larger than our old place and I get to have the tatami room this time. Granted, the room is small and lacks privacy... but I figure I'll only be there for less than a month, so I can deal.

On Monday morning, I went over to Kinki Homes and asked them to show me some apartments. I looked at a total of 4. The first one, I figured I'd be interested in because it was near the Saigawa [river]... And near it, it was. It was also painfully small, near the huge construction, and not in the best condition. It was a let down, really. I asked the man if he could show me more apartments and he informed me that most of the places that are open to foreigners have already been taken... he found a few other places and... I finally found my place.

It's small... but it's perfect for me. It's on the roof of a small 4 story building... 2 tatami rooms, a kitchen, a bath room, the entire rest of the roof top as my balcony and a neat view. But more than anything... it felt right. I was standing on the balcony/roof... and I asked myself... is this the right thing to do... to be by myself... to go through the trouble and money of getting my own place... is *this* the right place...

And that's when the butterfly came. A kind of butterfly I'd never seen before. It was beautiful... and it danced around my head.

A coincidence, you might say. Hell, that's what I said... and minutes later... I questioned yet again whether this was the right thing to do. And yet another butterfly came. A different one. Yet another kind that I'd never seen before...

And this butterfly also danced around my head.

And a breeze blew. And I felt a small amount of peace in my heart that I hadn't yet felt since I've been here.

I move into my new place on October 7. I've already put in notice to Nova. I pay first deposit today [Thursday] and must pay the rest of my overly expensive deposit by the end of the month. I'll be paying 38000 yen a month. For my own little bit of peace. The address??

Monchalee Steiger
Hikoso Cherry Heights #401
Hikosomachi 1-9-3
Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken
920-0901 JAPAN

920-0901 JAPAN

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