Sunday, September 05, 2004

Missed luggage and Nose Hair

So, I hurried home last night to see if I'd missed my luggage dropoff. Of course, I did. I called kuronekoyamato and asked that they come back... but of course it was 10 til 9 pm and the driver gets off at 9 pm... so I'd have to wait until this morning... which is fine except that "morning" is anytime between 9 am and noon.

Hmph. Well... at least I have my stuff, now. I only unpacked one of my two suitcases since we'll be moving out in literally a week. Why, you ask? Because the landlord doesn't want to deal with foreigners anymore. DISCRIMINATION! you might say. No... not in Japan.

Regarding my phone: For those of you who want to call from America...


We are 19 hours ahead of Hawaii... which is more along the lines of 5 hours behind, but a day ahead. I.e. if it is 10 pm on Saturday night in Hawaii.... it is 5 pm on Sunday evening in Japan. Please call or email. It's lonely.

Re: my roommate. Well, she's Australian. She's currently on the South Beach diet. She likes Vegemite... and as I mentioned before, she has the bigger, Japanese style room. She came up here, originally, with a college friend of hers named Angie. They were roommates and Angie didn't like teaching so she left and is currently in Greece. She talks about Angie all the time. The apartment is decorated with all her things.

Apparently, Angie plans to come back at the end of September... so I may have to move out, she says. Ok... I may also look into just getting a super cheap apartment of my own. It may be a better idea. Beyond that, Yvette [the roomy] also mentioned that *she* doesn't really enjoy teaching... and that *she* may be planning to move out eventually... Sooner that I would leave NOVA, obviously. Maybe that means I'll get the bigger room from the get-go in the new apartment.

Tomorrow morning, I start orientation. For 6 hours... and they want me to go all the way back to Osaka... which is 2.5 hours away, one way, on the Express train. Shit. I have a feeling they're going to keep sending me back there. Well, I guess as long as they pay for my ticket, that's all that matters.

Anyway, I said before that I'd insert some pics for y'all to have fun with. Here's the place.

Me @ Dotonbori Hotel, Osaka

After my toilet and I had been "SANITARIZED"

Please close the bathroom door when you shower as the steam will otherwise set off the fire alarm.

I got to sleep on a "Tempur" pillow... which astronauts use in the space shuttles.

And finally!!... Beware of NOSEHAIR!!!

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Lyndsey said...


*runs away from nosehair with arms flailing in the air*

Nya! *points to self* Lyndsey-desu!

I hope things start to smooth out in Japan for you. Has anything happy happened?

I'm back at MHC, classes start tomorrow (or later today rather). Boo. The Hawaii Club people are asking about you and what you're up to. I shall point them here later.

Send me emaily!

<3 Lyndsey

P.S. Would you happen to have Diane's email addy? I've been trying to contact her, so far unsuccessful. Perhaps I ought to just go to NoHo and see if she's there.