Thursday, September 16, 2004

Having friends?

So, I think I have a friend. Maybe three or so, really.

One. Will. He works with me at Nova at Al Plaza Kanazawa. We currently live in the same building. He's the dood I went with to Coco Ichibanya not too long ago-- the night with the fucked up karaoke, really. Last night, he dropped by and we went walking through the Samurai district... bats are really neat animals... and there are tons of them in Kanazawa. Anyway, we then had some chips and salsa at CJ's.. this Mexican restaurant/bar thing that is apparently owned by this 22 year old American kid named Chris. Then we went to karaoke. Twas my first fruitful karaoke experience in Japan since AKP... of course... that could be because there were only two of us. So... anyway, he's a friend.

Two. John Yoshioka. *waves* He and his friend, Mike Manzano [friend number 3] live and work for NOVA in Yamato-yagi. They're really the only ones I talked to at length at orientation in Osaka. They've oh so kindly been sending me emails and giving me a call. Isn't that precious?

Today, I made a special effort to see that AU girl I mentioned a few posts earlier... the girl who sold me the phone? Anyway, I gave her some macadamia nuts and we exchanged numbers. She said she still wants to learn English... so maybe we can get together sometime and do the language exchange thing. Wow... does that mean I *might* have a Japanese friend? Imagine that.

But still, at a very very optimistic level, I only have 4 friends... none of whom I would consider GOOD friends.

Granted, I have Dave lurking around Osaka and Tamanegi-chan running amok in Iwate... but they're so far away. And really, I'm soooo lonely. Geez, all I do is whine, huh?

Sorry for that. At least I'm trying to make the best of my current situation. And hey, at least I let you all know everything that's going through my mind.

Anyway, I guses I have nothing more of import to write... Not that THAT was all that important. Oh well... y'all have my contact info. Contact me.


Stinky Pete said...

Well, kiddo. I may not be in Japan, but I hope we could become better friends. Check your mail.

Love from Mumbai.

Off to the Rock or Bust.

B*Dubs said...

hey i just want to no i created this just so i can comment on ur site. dont u feel special??hehe if i was still in japan id be ur friend