Thursday, September 30, 2004

Friends, Ambulance, and such.


I'll try to be brief. Really. Since it's been forever since I've posted, a million things and yet nothing has happened.

Re: my friend situation. Remember that friend, Will? Well, scratch him off the list. He just left Japan a few days ago... for really NO reason. Like, he called in to work that there was an 'emergency' and that he had to go home. No goodbye, nothing. So... yes.

The AU girl hasn't contacted me much more than to say thanks for the nuts I gave her. Perhaps her saying she wanted to get together was the Japaneseyness again... and this time, I couldn't see it. Maybe she's busy? Maybe she just really doesn't want to study English or hang out with a foreigner whose Japanese kinda sucks.

On a positive note, I did go out to dinner last week... was it already so long ago... mebbe almost 2 weeks ago with this girl Chiharu and her fiancee, Tomonari [I think it's Tomonari.] I met them that crazy night with the shitty karaoke... and she contacted me and said that we should get together for dinner. She doesnt really speak any English, so we rely on my Japanese. Always a funny thing. I [and Yoshi, if he comes up] am invited to their wedding which is apparently in August of next year. We've exchanged a few emails since then... but she works as a financial planner and her company's been very busy lately so we haven't gotten together since that one dinner out. She and her bf are very sweet... and very traditional in a lot of ways. Tomonari bowed down low at dinner and ask that I become good friends with them and while Chiharu was away in the potty, he was saying about how special she is and how much he loves her. A little unJapanese but very sweet. I hope I actually do become closer friends with them.

[As a side note, someone is speaking in really loud FRENCH in the cubicle next to me. Really odd.]

I rode in an ambulance a few days ago. ONe of the new NOVA teachers, Henry, from New York, sprained his ankle and waited until the hospitals had closed for the night before he decided that he wanted to go do something about the bloody thing. We called an ambulance... they're free in Japan. And I went along as translator. Was quite interesting really.

OTherwise, I've really done nothing. Go to work everyday. I bought a ricecooker today at a 2nd hand store. Bargained them down from 4800 yen to 3500 yen. The stupid thing WOULD have cost me 12600 yen or so if I had bought it new... so twas quite the deal. I also got my money back for the fridge, stove, and washing machine that I bought at that store. I've since met up with a girl named Theresa who is moving out of her place [which happens to be the place right below my new one] who wanted to sell her shit for cheap. Bought her out, pretty much. I may try to bargain her down a bit, though.

Once I move into my new place, I'll post pictures up. But! For now, people have been asking about my cell phone. Here's a picture of that, and a few pictures of me... just me... since I still really dont have any friends. Whine whine whine, I know. Talk to you all soon....

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