Saturday, September 04, 2004

Contact and No Friends

Hello, all. I'm @an internet cafe...

Here's what information I can give you. I just bought a cell phone... got the cheapest one again. It's like the new and improved version of my old phone... it was free this time instead of 1 yen. It's super cool... gotta start customizing it. ^^

The phone number here is:


I chose the last 4 digits of the number. They spell out *YOSHI* or well... YOSI which is the other way to spell Yoshi. So... it's 3763YOSI ... bwajhahahaha...

IT was really difficult to decide which phone to get... and in the end I went for the one with the best sound and screen... although the one that you could watch tv and full length movies and live gps and listen the radio was really cool. It wasn't free though. And my plan is really pricey. I may have to reduce it later.

The email to the phone is I believe it's the same as before.

My roommate is ok I guess. She took the Japanese room which is the slightly bigger room and she has her own way of doing things.

You know what sucks? Apparently, we're being forced to move out of the apartment in less than 2 weeks. Soooo... that's evil. And crappy. I haven't even worked a day and already we have to move. Maybe this time I'll get the bigger room.

I don't have any friends yet, really. I think I may have made friends with the lady who sold me the phone. I told her that when I find out my schedule at NOVA that I'd let her know. She wants to learn English so she can help the customers who cant speak Japanese. I told her I'd teach her free of charge if she helped me with my Japanese. Worth it, yes? To have a friend... I dont know her first name, but her last name is Takada.

I start orientation on Monday. All the way 2.5 hours away in Osaka. How stupid is that? Until then, I've been touring around here on my own. Losing weight already! I really wish you were here.

I guess I should going before the police take my bike away. I left it by McDonalds which is like a few blocks away from here.

Anyway, oh shit! I just realized that they're supposed to drop off my luggage right now... FUCK... ok, I was gonna type more... but I guess not... bye all.

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