Wednesday, September 01, 2004


So I've arrived in Japan. No one was here to meet me. I asked around and finally found someone from my company-- they said they didn't know I was coming today. They're the ones who arranged my ticket! How stupid.

They said that my info packet isn't here and that no one is expected to meet me until about 8 pm. It is currently almost 7. It was 6 pm w hen I arrived.

So... I'm sitting at a dollar for every 10 minutes of internet terminal... hoping that I'm typing fast enough.

I don't have a contact number yet, obviously... Hell, I don't even know if I have enough clothes to last me until I get to my apartment. Apparently, I won't be there until Saturday. It's Thursday here. I figured I'd arrive at my flat tomorrow-- but so far, all has gone wrong.


Anyway, that's it.

Wish me luck and well, leave comments, I suppose.

1 comment:

cler1c said...

Heh.. gambatte...

Would write more but I'm in the middle of xping :P
I remeber being stuck in SF for 3 hrs starting at 3am w/ nobody picking my ass up... Was SUPER cold at the time... Tonikaku, daijubu... Listen to some "Mirai no Kakera" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation and all will be good... Screaming music is teh winzorz...

good luck, have fun, GEE GEE...