Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Ok... so I believe this will be a several part blog since I'm dividing it into experiences.

I had another really frustrating homesick experience this past weekend. When was it... Saturday or Sunday night? I believe it was Sunday. Basically, I decided to stop being antisocial and try my hand at making friends with the other Nova teachers. [BTW, apparently the correct notation for Nova teacher is TUTOR... but that's another issue all together.] Anyway... tried to make friends.

It starts by going to this couple's house: Summer and Blair. Aussies. Who drink. And all their friends drink. Which is ok.. even though I don't drink much, I'm generally not bothered by others'imbibing the stuff. Anyway, I sat... very quietly... having pretty much nothing to say and not much interest in the topics of choice. I believe I ended up punching out emails to Tekki on me cell phone the entire time.

Then, we headed over to the local gaijin bar... APRE. It was this kid, Dave's going away thing. On the way there, I walked but the majority of others had their bikes on them. [I didn't since Will... another Nova guy... and I had decided to walk to Curry House Ichibanya for dinner.] They, quite annoyingly and in good, stupid gaijin fashion, made quite the ruckus ringing their stupid bells and honking their bike horns for no reason while riding through both residential and commercial areas of Kanazawa... on a SUNDAY NIGHT. It must have been 10 pm or later by then. I was so embarrassed... all the Japanese people looking at me like "Can't you control your stupid gaijin friends?!" No... I can't. They aren't my friends.

Aaaanyway, we go to APRE. The gaijin bar. Everyone is there. I end up making better and more meaningful conversation with the handful of Japanese girls there, several of whom are Nova staff. I spoke in Japanese of course. And I had a few crappy drinks, since if I HAVE to pay 600 yen for a drink, I may as well get some alcohol in there. It did nothing for me of course, while the Nova kids just got rowdier and stupider. I really tried to make conversation... getting to know you kind of stuff... but... it wasn't working.

Then it starts getting bad. They want to sing karaoke but the bar is closing down. The bar owner let's us have the karaoke room upstairs for an hour and already I can see that this is going to be a problem. One person hogged the mike and refused to actually sing, but instead spoke REALLY FUCKING LOUDLY into the mike and made lame jokes. And then, Kieran, that guy from before for whom I was acting as translator, started cancelling songs he didn't like so that his songs would come on. Blah blah. I left the room and did a bit more of chitchatting with the Japanese girls.

THEN it starts getting poopy. They decide they're in the mood for karaoke. I'm down with that. We head over to the local Shidax... the drunken gaijin whoopin' it up on their bikes as they ring and honk through downtown Kanazawa. We get to Shidax... all 20 of us or whatever and we take literally an hour to decide whether we even WANT to go karaoke. The entire time, of course, the drunken idiots make a huge scene in the lobby area... trying to juggle the moraccas and throwing the tambourines. The Japanese girls are trying to reason with the Shidax karaoke staff... we decide 2 rooms would be best. One for people who want to sing. The other for people who want to drink.

We get upstairs. The crazies start fucking MOVING THE FURNITURE from one room to the other so that everyone can fit in the one room. THEN more alcohol comes. I drink nothing. Not even water. THEN they all start arguing and yelling about "how the fuck do you input the song" blah blah.. completely disregarding those of us who are actually trying to EXPLAIN how you do it. And of course when people finally get the songs in, others fuck it up... by talking into the mike over it... by fucking with the key.... by screwing up the tempo over and over.. by cancelling the song all together.. all the while, accusing others of doing it... And those others, getting the heat of everyone's drunken anger because they're to plastered to know the difference.

Needless to say, I left with our time was up... though most of the people stayed. One of the Japanese girls and I left... complaining how it sucked and how not worth it the experience was. And more importantly, the fact that they demanded that we spend 2000 yen for that shit.

It was really so frustrating. What happened to people who had respect for each other? For other cultures? Who, even in their shitfacedness could still be normal human beings with at least a vague regard for others? Where are my AKPers? Where is the group that karaokes with me in Hawaii... who doesn't need any alcohol to have fun... why am I the only normal, NOT immature person... btw, I was the very youngest one there in that crowd.

I cried my eyes out when I got home. No wonder I chose to be antisocial.

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